When it comes to "dance" the Sandra Amodeo Dance Studio has something for everyone...

At our family owned and operated dance studio, only the highest caliber of training is continually provided. Our qualified, caring teachers make learning fun and enjoyable through their dynamic energy and unique approach to teaching dance.

Our mantra is: provide children with the right environment and they will find the dancer within.

From September to June SANDRA AMODEO DANCE STUDIO offers a wide variety of classes for all levels and ages, boys and girls. With recreational, part-time and full-time competitive team options, you are sure to find a program that suits your family's lifestyle.

Students who dance with us develop self-discipline, a strong work ethic, leadership abilities and interpersonal skills; all of which contribute to greater self-esteem. Many of our students have achieved success in the world of dance but also in commercial, film and stage acting, modelling and cruise ship entertainment. Some have been on the Argonaut Cheerleading Team and the Raptors Dance Pak and several have gone on to become inspiring teachers and choreographers. All of our students blossom into proud and accomplished individuals.

44 years of experience, the loyalty of our SADS family and the smiles on the faces of former students who now bring their children to dance with us are a true testament that we have evolved into more than just a dance studio.

Generation after generation the SANDRA AMODEO DANCE STUDIO serves as a second home and family to many...

Our family can't wait to meet yours!

Our Programs

Recreational Program

We firmly believe that recreational students are entitled to the same high quality of instruction as competitive students. Our recreational programs are challenging and rewarding, and are taught by highly qualified, motivated and talented instructors who bring out the best in each and every individual in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Part-Time Competitive Program

This program is geared especially toward those who are uncertain about the commitment of full-time competitive dance but wish to compete. With fewer hours and fewer competitions this level gives the student a taste of competitive dance and an option to decide whether or not full-time is the right choice for them.

Competitive Program

The Competitive Dance program at Sandra Amodeo Dance Studio is designed to truly challenge and inspire those students who are serious about dance. Our program is of a high caliber and is considered to be the first step towards a career in professional dance.

This program offers intense conditioning, technical training, first class choreography and personal attention. Students gain the technique they need through concentrated training in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Acro. Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Pointe are also offered as supplemental genres.

Our competitive students are in training for several hours per week and as a result they learn prioritization and time management skills. Although the focus is on giving students the ability to pursue dance as a profession, the skills learned in this program have proven to be valuable life lessons that continue to benefit the students in all career choices. Self-discipline, self-expression and responsibility are only some of the qualities that our students are guaranteed to acquire.

Despite our competitive students having a heavier workload, the majority maintain a very high average at school. Our approach is a whole learning experience aimed at not only improving dance skills but also the overall education of the student.

Ranging from ages 5-19, all of our competitive students must posses a certain amount of ability, technique, and personality and above all else potential. All prospective competitive students are evaluated and selected by audition or private assessment. To find out more about our competitive program, when our next auditions are, or to set up a private assessment, please contact the studio.

Summer Program

Throughout the summer the dance studio runs a full-scale summer semester with specialized programs built to meet the needs of anyone who wishes to dance their way through the summer heat. Our summer semester is comprised of a summer camp, recreational dance program, advanced drop-in style classes, 4 day dance intensive, master hip hop and advanced ballet classes, a 3-day specialized ballet & acro intensives as well as private coaching sessions.

Annual Events

Dinner Dance

Our annual Dinner Dance and Charitable Fundraiser is held each year and is a fun event for students and their families.

Parent Viewing Week and Holiday Bake Sale (December)

Each December the Dance Studio gives parents a chance to glimpse behind the scenes into the world of "dance class." Before the students leave for the holidays, families are invited to sit in on classes. During this week the studio holds a bake-sale fundraiser in which baked goods, coffee and fun contests are offered.

Annual Competitive Showcase (March)

Each year the Dance Studio's competitive team presents the "SADS competitive showcase and fundraiser." All students and parents are invited to come out and cheer on our team!

Picture Day and Family BBQ (May/June)

One of the best days of the year has to be picture day. Our students come to the studio in costume, looking their best and pose for the camera, while out in the parking lot our "Dance Dads" cook up a storm. Hamburgers and hot dogs are available for purchase. All proceeds go towards a charity or cause of the studio's choosing.

Recital (June)

"SHOWTIME" is held at the Markham Theatre and is always a wonderful and exciting event not to be missed! Participation in this inspiring event enables the students to gain performance experience as well as confidence. This spectacular show gives parents, relatives and friends an opportunity to see what their child has been working on all year long, as well as a glimpse at the many disciplines and levels of dance taught at the studio. Our annual recital is held during the month of June and all students participate.